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MON Interiors

We are an international studio specializing in interior design of luxury apartments, houses, residences and public facilities. Our projects are dedicated to conscious and demanding customers who pay attention to the smallest details. Thanks to our unique design process, cooperation with professional subcontractors and the use of the highest quality materials, we are able to guarantee comprehensive realizations of the highest class.

At MON INTERIORS we specialize in the design and implementation of unique and unrepeatable interiors. Our team makes sure that each space is tailored to the individual needs and preferences of investors. In our workshop, we also design our own, unique furniture and home equipment, which allows us to better meet the expectations of our customers. Our goal is to design spaces that are not only visually attractive, but above all functional. The ones that best suit the lifestyles of future buyers.

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We carry out projects in various places in Europe, from Poland to Italy and Spain, with particular emphasis on Costa del Sol. The Andalusian Marbella region is a unique place on the map of the European interior design market. It is also the region where we specialize and carry out the most investments. Projects on the Costa del Sol are distinguished by a characteristic style, warm colors and a specific charm, adapted to the unique conditions in this area.


Our team of talented designers and subcontractors is always ready to take on new challenges and meet the expectations of our clients, regardless of the place of their investment. 

Monika Sosnowska Nicer - Founder 

Monika Sosnowska has been fascinated by art and design since childhood. She graduated with honors from the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. After completing her undergraduate studies, she won a scholarship and continued her education at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, where she had the opportunity to study and work with renowned designers from around the world. 

She gained professional experience in the famous Spanish design office Pedro Peña, in Marbella, where she was responsible for multi-million investment projects. 

Her works have been awarded many times in prestigious competitions, e.g. Inovative Design District, Salone del Mobile. 



MON INTERIORS offers comprehensive design services. Our design process begins with an interview with the client and the first sketch, then covers all stages, from space inventory and conceptual design, to investment implementation and assembly. We cooperate with a wide range of subcontractors, suppliers and partners. Thanks to our experience and their expert knowledge, we are able to provide the highest quality of our services. 

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Wycieczka po domu
Człowiek z wiertarką mechaniczną

Interview with the client

Zgromadzenie informacji o oczekiwaniach i potrzebach klienta.


A thorough inspection of the space, taking measurements, technical conditions consultations and preparing photographic documentation.

Conceptual design

Graphical presentation of the concept of the designed space in the form of hyper-realistic 3D visualizations and moodboards.


 After approval of the concpet by the investor, proceeding to the production and implementation of the project.


Installation and finalization of the investment, handing over the keys to the client.


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